What is an arbitrage betting?


This is a situation where two different bookmakers give different odds on the same line. For example: bookmaker A gives a handicap -0.5 odd 1.98 to team A, and bookmaker B gives +0.5 odd 2.05 per team B. Regardless of how the match between them ends, you will be in the black. Of course this + not great, but it’s a guaranteed income. If you bet on: -0.5@1.98 $ 100, you would get $ 198 of profit; +0.5@2.05 96.59 $, then we would get 198 $ of profit. By placing $ 196.59, in the end we went into profit = 1.41 $ (ROI = 0.7%).

Of course, you will say now, that this is a very small amount, but you can make more such arbitrage rates during the day, month. Also, not all arbitrage situations will have such a small percentage, ROI can be 5% and above 5%. Therefore, you will choose yourself. Currently, there are arbitrage betting scanners that find them for you. You only need to pay a subscription for use.


How much can you earn on surebets?


Of course, everyone has different earnings on arbitrage betting. It depends on how much you will place bets on arbitrage situations, what will be the percentage of ROI, on which bookmakers you will have an open account , or how quickly bookmakers will identify you as a professional and will set limits to your account, block it. Note that there are bookmakers who simply refuse to pay you money. Therefore, carefully choose where to place arbitrage bets. Arbitrage odds don’t exist for a long time, because the more players the make bets, the faster the odds will drop and the arbitrage situation that gives a guaranteed profit will disappear.


Can you earn on surebets now?


It is possible, but only as an additional income, as bookmakers improved the algorithm, which in the beginning gave a huge ROI from arbitrage bets, one trader wrote that without special knowledge for the night it was possible to earn $ 100. But it was until 2009, while the BETFAIR betting exchange did not change the algorithm in the BACK / LAY line. Therefore, I will not treat this as a basic income.


What are the arbitrage betting scanners?


Arbitrage betting scanner – software that automatically searches for arbitrage situations between bookmakers in accordance with the established odds. Of course, you must pay for the subscription. See that the service finds arbitrage bets as soon as possible, because in the betting process the coefficient may change, you will lose the guaranteed profit and you will already risk your money. A good arbing scanners service is here.


What are the pitfalls, when placing arbing bets?


Take into account the limits that the bookies gives when placing bets. Since such bookmaker like William Hill can give limits in thousands of dollars, and another only $ 100. You want to place a large amount and you need to put $ 600 on one sportsbook and $ 400 on the other. You bet on William Hill $ 600, go to another, and there’s a limit of $ 80. Well, you already run the risk of $ 600, which you put earlier.


Some bookmakers can set limits to your account, block it or not pay money. Carefully choose the bookmakers on which you will make surebets in order to save your money. I had this situation. Identification of players in bookmakers, that deal with arbing. When you use the calculator to calculate the arbitration situation, you can have bet amounts of $ 60.79 and another $ 81.9 $. Always round off the bet amounts you need to bet for a arbitrage betting, for example, $ 60 and $ 82.

Speed ​​of arbitrage scanners. The faster scanners analyze the bookmaker odds, the more time you will have to place bets on the arbitration situation.

Be prepared to create many accounts in different bookmakers, as the set limits of your account is guaranteed to you. Then you will register not only yourself, but also your friends, acquaintances, as sportsbooks require a copy of the passport, bank statement for confirmation of the address. It is known that it is necessary to make surebets a popular and reliable bookmaker with other bookie, which are lower in rating and have a dubious reputation. For example, Pinnacle Sports with BetCity or something similar. There will be the highest ROI, but it is not known whether they will pay you any money at all. I had the best ROI with Marathon Bet, as they overvalue their odds to attract new players, but I quickly set limits in my account.


My experience on arbitrage betting


From this I started my way in sports betting. I became interested, I thought that you can earn easy money. But in practice everything turned out quite differently. I remember that I borrowed $ 1000 from a friend, bought a subscription on a arbitrage betting scanner, found an arbitration situation for the matches Lyon – Marseille 24.01.16, I had to bet $ 500 on total less than 2.5 on William Hill and $400 on total more than 2.5 on BetSafe.

At William Hill place the bet without problems, but on BetSafe there were limits of $ 40. I will never forget this match, I remember every moment, especially Steve Mandanda (goalkeeper Marseille) saved my bet, didn’t let Lyon score the third goal in the match. From that time he is my favorite player 🙂 I won the bet (total less than 2.5), but I realized that I had not yet learned how to place money on surebets and earn it. I registered an account on Bet365, I earned a little on arbitrage betting, but the first time I tried to withdraw money, my account was blocked. They said that needed a notarized copy of my passport, I sent them. They told me that they sent some code, which I had to enter in my account to unlock. To date, I haven’t come. Over time, I found many situations similar to mine. And all these players were from the CIS. Probably such a policy Bet365. Therefore, I advise them not to play. For me, this is one of the worst bookmakers. If you have an identical situation, contact us for a collective complaint.


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