What is the Polish middles?


Polish middles are very similar to bookmaker’s middles , but they have one significant difference. As in the middles, you must bet on two shoulders, which can both be winning, but at the same time you can lose part of the amount of bets placed. On the polish middle, you also place a bet on two events, if one of the events comes in then you are in the black, if there is another event other than your two placed ones, the third event, then you lose the entire amount of the bet.

For example, you want to place the polish middle with such odds as team win A = 3.34, draw = 3.16, team win B = 2.47 (the odds are taken from Pinnacle Sports). You counted on the Poisson distribution, team B has the greatest chance of winning and you want to bet on a draw (you’ll think now that you can bet on a double chance, but Pinnacle Sports does not bet on a double chance). So you place a bet on a draw @ 3.16 78.16 $ and win the team B @ 2.47 $ 100. When you win Team B you will receive a net winnings of $ 68.34, with a draw of $ 68.84, but if Team A wins, you will lose the entire bet amount – $ 178.16. You can use the calculator for the polish middles here.

At Dafabet, you can not round off bets, since this is bookmaker for professionals, it does not set limits to the account and does not block it.

Is it real now to earn money from the polish middles?


From the Polish middles more real earnings than at surebets. Because you yourself can shape them by selecting appropriate sporting events. Also there is an Oddstorm service that scans the polish middles from the bookmakers odds, but they give such matches on condition, that the match does not end in a draw. The most profitable Polish middles will be at matches, where the strength of the teams is relatively even and therefore the likelihood of a draw is very high. Therefore, I would advise you to take the polish middles with a draw and the victory of home or away team, depends on how the probabilities will be shown by our Poisson calculator.


How to earn from Polish middles?


  • Use the calculator to distribute the bet amount to each shoulder of the polish middles.
  • To take lines with high odds (equal teams for strength), so that you can earn more from the polish middles and in case of which to cover the minus.
  • Use the Poisson calculator to know which match events to bet on.
  •  Be able to manage your bankroll for each event with Kelly criterion.


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