Sports Trading


Sports betting for most people is associated with scam. But professional bettors, who understand in the bookmaker business, know algorithms with special knowledge, turn simple entertainment into serious investments. They view sports betting as financial markets, choosing the best prices from bookmakers, calculating their probabilities for events. And for them, bets are converted into investments with a large percentage of ROI.

Sports betting is the same investment as in financial markets. But there is one significant difference. In financial markets, all players can stay in the black, when in sports betting you earn on those who lose money.

The sports betting market is divided into the following players: professional bettors, simple players and bookmakers. Just professional players and bookmakers make money, and the other 90% lose it. So before you start investing in a betting market, learn what skills you need for professional betting, and then start to put. You will only be able to make a profit if you are more accurate in calculating your odds than other professional bettors and specialists from bookmaker. Of course, this is not easy, but the reward will be appropriate.

Investment betting


Comparing investment betting with investments in other financial markets, earning a stock exchange at a rate of 20% per annum is considered very good. While in sports betting, professional players can make an average of 140% of the bank. At start of you career at professional betting, you would lose your money. And when you will go the way, reward would be huge.

Of course, a person without preparation can not start earning himself tomorrow. To do this, you need to learn more than one day, analyze the history of your bets, develop mathematical models for sports. Earnings are approximately obtained from the turnover bets of 1 – 3%, depending on the year.

Therefore, create your own priorities and begin to study professional betting in the next article “Statistical Models in Sports Betting”.


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