We did not take this service to tell you about the surebet scanner. They provide the same services for finding arbitrage situations like OddStorm and RebelBetting: more about the services here. We took him for an inspection, because in BetBurger there is a function of searching for Value Bets.

What is mean value betting? These are bets on such bookmakers odds, which at a long distance will bring profit. Everything seems to sound good, but to make such bets on the distance give a profit, you need to beat the bookmaker, namely: beat his odds. Then the question arises, which algorithm uses the BetBurger service to calculate its probabilities for the event? And will you be in the black at these rates? Nobody gives the answer to this question. And one more thing, if you do not know how to properly manage a bankroll, then such service can not be used anyway. For a detailed introduction to professional betting read here.

I would advise using this service only for searching surebets and only prematch, although it does not have advantages over similar search services for arbitrage situations.

Almost all services with value betting do not work in the betting market, because the search for value bets involves the development of their mathematical models for sports to calculate the probabilities for a match. Each league has its own specifics and therefore the models differ between championships. It takes a very long time. Sometimes very accurate models can not beat bookmaking odds, not to mention those that are sold in the public domain. When a sports model is developed, various parameters are included in it, which can vary according to matches and the season: injured players, transfers and so on. This requires a lot of effort and time, so I would not trust the various value betting services that a large number of players can use. And the main question is, how many accurate odds of this service from bookmaker probabilities? When you developed your model, that is, you tested it on previous matches and got your expected value. I do not think that they will be able to give you an answer to this question. To calculate your probabilities for football matches, use the Poisson distribution.

For introduction with value betting, read here.

I emphasize once again that the BetBurger service is suitable only for arbitrage betting.

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