Win rate


In professional betting, no one pays attention for winning bets in one or two matches. Professional bettors are interested in earnings at a distance. And earnings directly depend on the percentage of win rate based on long term.

As noted earlier in the previous articles, the more you have the percentage of winning bets from your turnover, the greater the profit. To be in the black you need to win about 52% with a probability of 50 to 50. These odds are 1.8 – 2.1.

The higher the percentage, the greater will be earnings from turnover. For example, you placed 10,000 bets of $ 100 each. Your turnover will be $ 1,000,000. Your winning percentage is 52%. You go to zero at 50% winnings.

So, 52% – 50% = 2%. Just these 2% will be your advantage over the bookie’s line.

Potential earnings will be:

1 000 000 x 0.02 (2%) = $ 20,000

If you have 3% advantage then:

1 000 000 х 0.03 = $ 30 000

It follows that every percentage of the edge adds a substantial amount to your winnings.
So don’t believe the swindlers who promise you the percentage of winnings at 90%. You can imagine what it would have been to gain from turnover if each excess percentage multiplied by 2.

League win rates


When you build your statistical model, then choose less popular leagues, as the bookmaker draws less attention to the leagues as Iran, Poland. And the top 5 football leagues are especially popular, so it is very difficult to find an advantage over the bookmaker.

Of course, the rewards of winning in unpopular leagues will be higher than in popular leagues. In strong leagues there are a lot of factors that affect team play. The weaker is a more stable team game. Therefore, the more information you can get on the league, the more likely you are to beat the bookmaker line.

Highest win rate


Average professional bettor in the season has 52-54% of the win rate. But there are players such as Billy Walters who make up 60% of the University Basketball League. To raise your victories, you need to have additional information that would have an impact on the team’s results. Be able to translate it into odds and include at statistical model parameters that the bookmaker doesn’t take into in their odds.

Betting profit


In order to increase the profit from sports you have to change the thinking of betting. Sports bets should be considered as an investment, not as entertainment. Remember that we can not win already, but use such concepts as a long term betting and turnover betting. Many players don’t understand the basics of professional betting, and therefore lose.

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