What are the middles and how to earn money on them?

Middle is understood the bet on two events in one match. These two bets can be winning, this is if the bet was played and the result of the sporting event ended in your desired range of goals for the match. You can also win only one of the two bets and you will go into a small minus.

The whole point of the bookmaker’s middles is that the goals in the match end within your scoring range. Middles with a wide range of data and good earnings are rare, so you will have to estimate the number of goals in the match very accurately. Consider the example of William Hill on the match for the Champions League Qualification: PSV – BATE. The total goals is more than 2.5 odd 1.6, the total goals is less than 3.5 odd 1.44.

In order for these two bets to come in, we need to have exactly 3 goals scored in the match. We distribute the sums of bets in proportion to the chosen odds, this can be done with the OddStorm service calculator. The exact score in the match, namely 3 goals, we can determine using the Poisson distribution, using our Poisson calculator.

We make proportional bets : on the odd 1.6 the bet is $ 100, on the odd 1.44 the bet is $ 111.

  • If the match will score exactly three goals, then we get $ 160 ​​+ $ 159.84 = $ 319.84. Net win = $ 119.84.
  • When only win the bet total is less than 3.5, we eventually get: $ 159.84, which is less than our initial bet for two events of $ 211. Therefore, losses will be – $ 51.16.
  • Well, when the match will be scored more than 4 goals, we get the following: $ 160 winnings, subtract the total amount of bets $ 211 = – $ 51.

Here are the results you can expect when placing a bet on such a middle.

To increase the winnings for this football match, you can take two bookmakers, William Hill and some less popular with many betting options for the match. This way you can expand your middle. I would advise also to distribute the bank by betting on the bookmakers’ middles.

You can also bet on the middles for such sports, where there are a large number of goals, there you can get wide middles. These are: basketball, tennis, handball, water polo, volleyball. But be careful, these sports do not fit under this kind of distribution like Poisson. Poisson distribution is suitable for football. For other sports, there are other probability distributions that will be dealt with in the following articles on the site.

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