A fairly good service for finding surebets, middles and polish middles. Also, the service shows the best odds on different bookmakers, on different betting markets. And there is a separate tab Asian Handicap, where it scans the market for an Asian handicap for a match of interest with different values. Let’s stop in detail on the pre-match: surebets, middles, polish middles. There is a function in this service, put in Live at the same positions. I never put in live, so I will not advise anything.

A quite good service for searching surebets is offered by this company. There is a filter for arbitrage situations: you can set how many shoulders have a given an arb, 2 or 3. You can add earning filter: varies from 0% to 300%. In general, this is a quality service that can help you earn money from a bookmakers. Always remember that you need to choose reliable bookmakers for make bets and arbitrage situations do not last long. Therefore, carefully check the odds when you make a bet on this arbs. More information about arbitrage betting is here.

  • Middles and polish middles

By experience I can say that it does not make sense to buy a subscription to the scanner only for the middles or polish middles. Because they can be searched without special software. Learn how to count and form middles and polish middles yourself.

Advantage: You can pay a subscription for one day, for only 7 euros, for testing.


Also there is an alternative service: RebelBetting surebets scanner. He is a co-star of OddStorm. Provides the same services for finding arbs. Doesn’t search for middles or polish middles. They also indicate that their scanner quickly finds arbitrage situations and enough time to make a bets on them. If you want to protest this service, you need to pay 39 euros a week, 5.5 euro per day. Cheaper than OddStorm, but you need to immediately pay for 7 days.

Good earnings on forks!

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