1. All bank at one bet


Many players understand betting as fun, so they are excited and put everything at their favorite team. Or at all buy guarantee sport picks from the tipsters.

If you want to make a profit from sports betting, then you need to improve your knowledge and training in professional betting.

2. Instant earnings


Another well-known mistake is that sports betting are considered as an accident. Therefore, players believe that it is possible to win instant.

If you want to receive a stable profit from sports betting, then you need to remember, that you can only beat a bookmaker at a distance. Therefore, have patience and try to build your own statistical model.

Also, it should be noted that earnings are possible only from turnover of your bets, and not from the made one bet. And a great turnover can be done only on a long distance.

3. Every bet must be winning


Another wrong idea that each bet should be winning. On average, professional bettors have 52-54% win rate. Therefore, it follows that it’s impossible to go all the way without losing іt. This is part of the game, be ready for it.

4. Don’t take loses


As you have seen from point 3, professional bettors have an average of 53% of winning bets. Therefore, it follows that 47% of placing bets will be losing. This isn’t frightening, as with the right bankroll management in the long run you will go in the black.

5. Strategic thinking


This is a very important skill in sports betting. Simple players only think of the day when they place their bets. While professional players have a strategy for the season ahead.
Therefore, you need to learn to build statistical models for sports. The base of any statistic model for football is the Poisson distribution.


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