From the bookmaker depends on the painting of the line and the types of bets on the sport event. The most popular sports betting is 1×2, handicap, total more / less, draw no bet, both teams to score, match score and many more. In the high-margin bookmakers, a predominantly large-scale painting of the line, including various types of bets, even bets on the individual indices of the team player. In such bookmakers, the margin is about 10% to 15% depending on the market bets. Inexperienced players bet on the 1×2 market and both teams will score. But they do not take into account that a small margin in the sportsbook at the handicap market. And the smaller the bookmaker’s margin, the more likely that your bets on the long term will be winning and you’ll be in the black. When choosing a bookmaker with a large market of events, pay attention to that bookmaker who has a good reputation and pays money to winning players. With high margin bookmakers, I would advise William Hill, they will definitely pay the winnings in full. Also use the Poisson calculator to calculate your own probabilities for a sport event.

In low-margin bookmakers there is not such a large choice of betting markets, but the margin is small and therefore for professional players it is more attractive for making a profit in the long run. The main markets are 1×2, Asian handicap, total more / less. But for some popular matches, additional markets are opening up. Bookie 188Bet, probably one of the few bookmakers for professionals who gives a broader line to sports events. There are bets on the match score. Low margin bookmakers for professionals and I use: Pinnacle Sports, Sbobet, 188Bet. Also these bookmakers are interesting to me because there are good commission terms for partners. That I, as a blogger, do not earn from losing my referrals (that is you), but from the turnover that you make. And the more turnover, the greater the percentage, so it is not profitable for me that you lose your money, but it is necessary that you are in the black at the distance. For those who are interested in free football predictions and cooperation, then write.

To bet on match score, use our Poisson calculator. If you have not yet become acquainted with the Poisson distribution, then you are here.

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